Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deposit fee?

Yes there is a non refundable deposit fee upon booking an appointment. There is a $100 deposit* that will be deducted from the final price of your tattoo. If you need to cancel, we ask for a 48 hour cancellation notice and can transfer the deposit to your next appointment. Please call us even if it is within the 48 hour notice so we are all on the same page! Otherwise you may forfeit the deposit 😀

Do you do free touchups?

We believe that if you are 100% satisfied when you leave the tattoo shop, it is up to you to take care of your tattoo. Our artist have been doing this a long time and you shouldn’t need touch ups. We cannot monitor how you take care of the tattoo therefore there is a small set up fee of $80.00 for touchups. We are 100% disposable so we have a higher cost to do small touchups. However, if you plan on getting an additional tattoo, there is no cost to do touchups at your next appointment.

Do you take walk ins?

We recommend booking appointments but will take day of clients when we have availability! We recommend calling or messaging to book (M-F) **subject to change due to COVID-19

What is your cancellation policy?

Unfortunately due to last minute cancellations and no shows – we do NOT offer refunds on deposits for tattoo appointments. If you cancel, we can keep your deposit on file until rebooked. If you no show or cancel within 48 hours, you lose your deposit. This is our lively hood. This is our business and how the tattoo artists make their money. If you do not give us significant notice we may not be able to fill your appointment.

Is there parking on site?

There is absolutely no parking behind our building as those are monthly stalls for downtown businesses.  There is street parking on Victoria Street, two parkades on Seymour and Landsdowne as well as Impark beside our building.  Please ensure you are parking in the correct areas before coming into our building 🙂

Tattoo Healing

Every artist is different so you should always listen to what the person who does your tattoo says (not google, your best friend or someone who has a tattoo). Your artist should know how their tattoos heal best, so take their advice!

Here at Sakred Skin, we believe in natural healing. Your body has everything it needs to heal itself. We do not wrap our tattoos, unless requested because a tattoo is a clean scratch, not a dirty cut. When you cover your tattoo right after getting it tattooed – you don’t allow any oxygen to activate the platelets in your bloodstream, which won’t allow it to clot. The faster the blood clots, the faster the tattoo heals so when you cover your tattoo or smother it with ointments, you are not allowing the oxygen to get at the “wound” and for your body to do what it wants to naturally.

  • Do not shower until 24hrs or the next day after getting a tattoo. When you shower, be sure to not let the water hit the tattoo directly. You do not want to wash your tattoo, meaning that you do not want to scrub it. Let the water and soap wash over it and pat it dry with a clean towel.

  • On Day 3 you can apply a very small amount of unscented lotion (we prefer Lubriderm or Jergins) twice a day. Remember to use this sparingly because you do not want to over moisturize your tattoo because this can cause the scabs to come off early. If the scabs come off too soon – you can lose ink. Do not apply lotion right before bed, otherwise sheets and clothing can stick to it during the night and peel off.

  • After all the flakey scabby skin is gone, you will notice your skin has a bit of a shine to it. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH YOUR TATTOO. It will become VERY itchy. Resist the urge to scratch because you do not want to lose any ink.

  • Avoid pools, saunas, strenuous workouts, lakes, tanning etc. until your tattoo is fully healed. This will vary for everyone because every person is different. Usually 2 weeks you can expect for healing time, but it could be more could be less. If you are unsure consult your artist before doing anything.